Women's Oilskin Jackets, Vests & Hoodies

When it comes to durable outerwear using natural fibres, Swanndri offers a great range of Women's Oilskin Jackets, Vests, and Hoodies. Crafted with the attention to detail you expect from Swanndri, these garments are designed to withstand the challenges of any adventure and the test of time. Everything in our waxed cotton oilskin fabric can be rewaxed to maintain its water repellent qualities.

Stylish, Warm & Versatile Oilskin Jackets & Vests for Women

Made for wherever your adventure takes you, our Women's Oilskin Jackets and Vests combine style, protection and durability in perfect harmony. These carefully crafted garments are not just about good looks; they get better with age, and if looked after, can last a lifetime. Each jacket and vest demonstrates Swanndri's commitment to designing clothing that performs while fitting into any situation.

Our Women's Oilskin Jackets boast a timeless appeal with their classic designs and durable construction. From durable workwear inspired pieces to contemporary quilted vests, and bomber jackets, we have a range of options to suit everyone.

For those seeking the perfect balance between style and comfort, our Women's Oilskin Vests are an ideal choice. These versatile pieces provide an extra layer of warmth and water repellency without compromising on style. Whether you're adventuring or working outdoors, our vests offer the functionality and durability you need.

Shop Quality Women's Oilskin Jackets, Vests & Hoodies at Swanndri

At Swanndri, we take pride in offering a thoughtfully designed selection of high-quality Women's Oilskin Jackets, Vests, and Hoodies. Our commitment to providing clothing that doesn't hold you back, but rather helps you get the job done, is evident in every stitch.

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