How do I measure my dog?

We have found it is best to measure the length of your dog from the back of their neck to the base of their tail and purchase the coat with the closest length measurement. The girth measurement is a Velcro strap that is done up along the dog's belly - this Velcro strap can be adjusted for thinner/thicker dogs.

In this ► VIDEO we will demonstrate you the features of the oilskin and the classic wool dog coats. We will also show you how to measure and fit the coat to your dog.

Dog Coat Sizing Diagram

Dog Length: Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
Chest/Girth: Measure around the chest at the centre of your dog's ribcage (just behind the shoulders).

Dog Coat Size Guide

Size XS S M L XL
Dog Length (in cm) 22-28 32-40 44-52 60-68 64-72
Chest / Girth (in cm) 46-60 60-79 70-89 80-99 91-110
Coat Length (in cm) 24 36 48 60 64


My dog is “X” breed, what size should I get?

Dogs come in all types of fun shapes and sizes - the difference even amongst a single breed can be substantial. We recommend you measure your dog following the size guide instructions and purchase the size that best meets your dog's requirements.

Can I return a dog coat if it doesn't fit?

In order to accept a garment back for an exchange/refund it needs to be returned in the same condition it was delivered in with the tags attached. This means that you will need to remove any animal fur that attaches itself to the inside of the coat while trying it on. Returns and exchanges need to be processed within 30 business days of purchase.

Are your dog coats weatherproof?

Our dog coats are designed to keep your dog warm and dry in a wide range of weather conditions - we use the same quality fabrics in our dog coats as we do for our human outerwear, including our New Zealand-grown ZQ wool. Find out more about ZQ wool.

  • Our Classic wool dog coats have a waterproof PU layer sandwiched between the wool outer and fleece lining to help stop rain from coming through the coat from the outside.
  • Our Hunter oilskin dog coats are made from waxed cotton oilskin which helps rain to run off the surface of the coat. It is also lined with wool for warmth.

How do I care for my dog coat? Can I wash it?

Our Classic dog coats feature a 100% wool outer with oilskin pockets, and our Hunter dog coats have an oilskin outer with a 100% wool lining. Our fabric care instructions are as below:

  • Wool products must be handwashed in lukewarm water with wool soap. Once it has been washed, gently squeeze the garment to remove excess moisture. Then, lay the product out to dry on a flat surface in a cool area away from direct sunlight.
  • Oilskin products are made of waxed cotton, and over time they will need to be rewaxed to restore lustre and waterproofing. Wax tins for re-waxing our oilskin products can be purchased wax reproofing tin. To rewax oilskin, gently clean the garment using a soft sponge and some lukewarm water, making sure to remove any excess moisture from the sponge before you start. Using a dry sponge, apply wax to the garment gently in semicircles until the garment has been re-waxed evenly all over.
  • Velcro: Regularly cleaning the Velcro on our dog coats is very important to maintain the closure of the Velcro. We recommend using an old tooth brush to remove hair or lint. Also keeping the Velcro straps closed as much as possible will help keep the Velcro clean, including when dog coat is washed.