Made for the Mission

Made for the Mission

Swanndri is all about keeping it simple, making your luck, and staying true to who you are.

We’re for getting out there, into the outdoors, every day. Quality gear that’s made for the mission, no matter what the weather. See, it’s not all about rain! We’re for fair weather adventures too. Spring missions and summer missions, fast missions and slow missions. Missions of all sorts, from surf-casting to setting out with friends – and the downtime in between.

Let’s get into it, it’s that time of year.

Shop New In for Men

New In for Men

Sun’s out, guns out. Keep it cool with our casual and workwear styles for men.

Shop New In for Women

New In for Women

Get ready for the warm weather with our biggest range of summer womenswear yet!


Lazy, hazy, amazing summer days. Summer’s about sand between your toes and sun on your face. It’s as much about going easy as it is getting active.
Taking your time, making the most of every moment, and letting summer take care of the rest. All you need are good mates and a few bits of the best gear, and you’re good to go.