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Goose and Ellen: On the Classic Kiwi Road Trip

For as long as we can remember, going on road trips with the family was every Kiwis rite of passage. The boot (and back seat) was jam packed, the tunes were on, and there was always a bag of lollies to keep the kids happy.

There’s something about the open road and the sense of not knowing what was at the end of it that draws Kiwis out into the wild religiously. What is it about cruising the highways and great backroads of Aotearoa that fills our cups to overflowing? It certainly isn’t one thing, but a combination of all that comes with it. The sharing of stories over a couple of beers in front of a crackling fire. The turn of a corner that greets you with an unexpected view. The follow your nose attitude that leads you to New Zealand’s hidden gems and friendly local faces. It’s the chase of uncertainty that makes us feel alive as humans, and road tripping for a few days can certainly make reality seem like a distant memory.

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ZQRX – another step on our sustainability journey

There’s wool, and there’s wool done right.

ZQ is a wool certification standard that stands for better quality – for the animals, for the planet, for you. Established in 2006, it is the world’s leading sustainable, ethical, and traceable wool. Dedicated to long term partnerships and sustainability, ZQ works with like-minded Kiwi farmers, industry partners, manufacturers and brands all around the world.

Here at Swanndri, we’re proud to source wool from ZQ certified New Zealand wool growers. The best of the best, from the best place in world to grow wool. It’s good to be working with farmers and partners who share the same values and commitment to quality and sustainability.

ZQRX Regenerative Strong Wool

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From here and for here: Swanndri x Little Biddy Gin

Although Swanndri and Reefton Distilling Co. craft quite different products, we’ve got a lot in common. Collaborating on a limited edition release of Little Biddy Gin seemed to come about quite naturally. After Swanndri came to to visit the Reefton Distilling Co. during a photoshoot back in September 2020, both teams noticed the similarities in our values and approaches to bringing our respective products to life, and an idea was born. The result is a Limited Edition Little Biddy Gin bearing the iconic Swanndri red and black check – a well-loved pattern often favoured by Reefton Distilling Co. Ambassadors and Water Prospectors Nigel and Steffan MacKay.

Swanndri x Little Biddy Gin

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